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Interior Designing, Staging, & Organizing

About Aurie Kay


I have always enjoyed decorating and offering creative design ideas to friends. I believe that a house becomes a home when it reflects your tastes, personality, and works with your lifestyle.  I am excited about making that happen for my clients.


When I began my real estate career in early 2000, I came to realize that many of my clients needed help with envisioning a remodel.  To better serve them I attended Interior Design school where I learned the elements and principles of interior design.  Today I can offer clients design advice based on my schooling as well as skillfully stage a home for a quick and higher priced sale.

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Drawing and photography have been a passionate hobby of mine for decades.  Both of these arts demand attention to detail and have allowed me to transition those skills into interior design to visualize a finished product.  This skill helps me to help my clients bring those visions to life. 

Partial List of Services

On Site Consultations

This phase is where we sit down and talk about what you want to create.

This phase is where we sit down and discuss what you want to create.  No idea of what you want?  No problem.  I will make suggestions based on a thorough Q&A, take comprehensive notes, and prepare a story board for follow up meetings.

Design Concepts

After our initial meeting I will prepare ideas with pictures and samples to help you visualize your finished design.  I will also accompany you to design galleries where you can see and select furniture, flooring, or material.

Planning & Project Management

From start to finish I will oversee your project to ensure it is done correctly and on time.  I will work with a team of contractors of your choosing or will recommend skilled contractors.  Nothing will be started until it meets with your final approval.

Before You Begin Your New Design Project


THE most important thing!  Know what you can and cannot spend.  Determine what is the most important element of your design and where you want to spend the majority of your money.


Look at how you live and decide how this new space will be used.  Factor in children, entertaining, pets, guests, elderly.  Envision living in your new design and how it fits your lifestyle.


If you don't know your style look at what you generally like.  Do you choose an old world style like Victorian or do you like the clean and simple look of modern or contemporary.


How do you want to feel in this new space?  Color can affect mood, forms a first impression of space, has the ability to affect the size and shape of interiors, and connects elements of your architecture.


Determine if the lighting suits the function of your space.  Do you need more overhead lighting, ambient lighting for reading, accent lighting to highlight art, or more natural lighting.  

Focal Points

What major visual elements does the space have that you wish to draw attention to.  Is it a fireplace, art work, a bookcase?  These elements should be considered before designing seating or traffic patterns.


About Color

Color is refracted light.  Values range from zero (black) no reflectance to 100 (white) the most reflectance.  Color will appear differently in every space and will not look exactly as it did in the paint store.  When choosing the right color for your space make sure you purchase enough paint to cover a 3 feet by 3 feet square on one or more of the walls or on a sample board so you can move it around the house on different places.  Always check the color in daylight and evening light before deciding.  Also, if the color you want is dramatically different from your current color it is wise to paint over that section of wall with white first to give you a more accurate perception of how that color looks in your space.  And live with that color for a few days before making a final decision.

Why Choose Aurie Kay


A one hour first time consultation is free!  Fees are reasonable and based on either hourly time or by project  depending on the scope of the work.


Let me take the stress out of your remodel.  I will never pressure you to make a decision.  And I will always be respectful of your budget.


I want to make sure you are happy with the final project.  That is why I take the time to present a variety of options to choose from without overwhelming you.